What is a Safety Relay?

Safety Relays are devices that implement safety functions. In the event of a hazard, a safety relay will work to reduce to risk to an acceptable level. When an error occurs, the safety relay will initiate a safe and reliable response.

Each safety relay monitors a specific function. By connecting them to other safety relays, one can achieve total monitoring of a machine or plant. Safety relays are a simple and efficient way to meet existing safety standards, resulting in safe operation for your personnel and equipment as well as a long service life.

Risk reduction should be a priority for any business, to both protect its employees and reduce the possibility of costly accidents or equipment replacement.

Generally, if a risk is able to be reduced, then it should be.

Some functions of safety relays include:

  • Stopping a movement in a controlled and safe manner.
  • Monitoring the position of movable guards.
  • Interrupting a closing movement during access.
  • Emergency off/stop.

ref: galco

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