What is a Triconex ESD System?

The main mission of a Triconex system is to act as an emergency stop system (ESD - Emergency Shutdown System).

Triconex ESD System

The SIS or ESD systems are the upper layer of protection to conventional control systems (PLC, DCS). They monitor the conditions of the process that controls and regulates the industrial control system, and should an anomaly occur in the operation they are responsible for bringing the plant to a “safe state”, carrying out a “controlled” shutdown of the process.

This is guaranteed by the fast speed of execution of the program in the security systems, which is usually less than 100mS, in comparison to the control cycle of a control system that is usually between 500ms and 1s.

The main feature of the Triconex system is its high availability at 99.999% and a complex diagnostic system that monitors the control system from the processors to each input and output card. The basic configuration has three safety processors in parallel.

The electronic inputs and outputs have three independent processing electronics, one for each safety processor. The triple outputs are also managed by a vote of two out of three (2oo3) system, generating one output per channel. In addition, the system has double independent power supplies in each chassis.

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