What is Dead Weight Vacuum Gauge Tester?

It is used for calibration of vacuum gauges and other sensing, transmitting and recording vacuum instrument. The Vacuum Gauge Tester is a quick and convenient method of calibration free from the disadvantages of using the fragile mercury manometer.

Dead Weight Vacuum Gauge Tester

The main components of the tester are :

SCREW PUMP to generate the vacuum in the tester conveniently and precisely. It is of adequate capacity and is operated by turning the spoked handle.

FREE PISTON Assembly of special steel, hardened, tempered, ground and lapped to accurate size and very fine surface finish to provide true floating action. The free piston is suspended vertically downward from a rigid frame and is connected by a pipe to the screw pump. A CARRIER weight is attached to the free piston for taking more weights.

VALVE is provided to connect the circuit to the atmosphere and thus check zero of the gauge.

GAUGE CONNECTOR of 1/2" BSP (female) union for connecting gauge to be tested. Other sizes of gauges can be connected by using adaptors.

SET OF WEIGHTS directly marked in convenient values of vacuum and easily stacked on the CARRIER weight. It is available in either / and kgf / cm 2 , mmHg, in Hg units. Storage box is provided.

BASEPLATE of sturdy construction provided with legs and levelling screws.