What is DeviceNet?

Developed by Allen–Bradley in 1994, DeviceNet is a device level or lowlevel industrial open network that communicates between the device controller and such sensors or actuators as limit switches, valve manifolds, motor starters, variable frequency drives, and remote I/Os. It is included in EN 50325 and IEC 62026 standards.

DeviceNet is a CAN-based layer 7 application protocol and is maintained by Open DeviceNet Vendor Association Inc. (ODVA). The association issues specifications and ensure compliance with the stated specifications. Devices from different manufacturers that comply with the DeviceNet standards can be connected together in the network.

The DeviceNet specification is defined in two volumes: volume 1 and volume 2. Volume 1 pertains to the application layer, which uses Control and Instrumentation Protocol (CIP), and the data link and physical layers, which use the CAN protocol. Volume 2 is concerned with the device profiles to obtain interoperability and interchangeability among the different products.