What is Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)?

A factory acceptance test and demonstration should be required in which the PLC or DCS controller(s), I/O, and HMI hardware and software are verified to the extent possible without the actual field devices.

Factory Acceptance Test

The FAT test should demonstrate the following:

(1) Simulation of all inputs

(2) Operation of all outputs with dummy load

(3) Loop operation

(4) Control sequences

(5) Network communications

(6) HMI screens, displays, and alarms

(7) Operator control functions

(8) Physical and information security measures

FAT Test

When adding, modifying or upgrading a system, many critical infrastructures conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). A FAT includes a customized testing procedure for systems and is executed before the final installation at the critical facility.

Because it is difficult to predict the correct operation of the safety instrumented system or consequences due to failures in some parts of the safety instrumented system, a FAT provides a valuable check of these safety issues.

Similarly, since cyber security can also impact safety of critical systems if a system is compromised, it naturally makes sense to integrate cyber security with the FAT, a concept that brings extreme value and savings to an implementation process.

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