What is Loop Folder?

A loop folder is a manila folder or an electronic folder that contains an assortment of documents related to the instrumentation for a specific process control loop.

The exact contents of a loop folder are defined in a project’s standards/requirements.

Loop Folder

A loop folder typically includes

  • instrument manufacturer’s spec/data sheet
  • P&ID
  • loop diagram
  • loop check test sheet/checklist
  • instrument calibration cert
  • plot plan/location diagram

It can include

  • loop test procedure
  • hook-up diagram/instructions
  • control/function narrative
  • alarm setpoint list
  • construction completion certificate
  • interlock diagram
  • flow sizing sheet
  • CoC Certificate of Conformance
  • COE Certificate of Origin
  • MRT Material Test Report
  • NACE certificate
  • instrument configuration

Credits: Carl Ellis