What is MMBTU?



British Thermal Unit / BTU is traditional unit of Energy. MMBTU represents 1 Million BTU’s

BTU is the quantity of heat necessary to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit from 58.5 to 59.5 degrees Fahrenheit under standard pressure of 30 inches of mercury at or near its point of maximum density.

One Btu equals 252 calories, (gram), 1055 joules or 0.293 watt hours.

BTU is widely used/accepted globally for measurement of energy of products including Natural Gas.

1 BTU = 252 Calories

1MMBTU = 252,000 Kilo Calories (Kcal)

1MMBTU = 30.18 SCM @ NCV of 8,350 Kcal/SCM