What is screw flow meter?

A screw flow meter is composed of a set of screws (also called spindles) which form with the internal structure of the flow meters’ casing a measurement chamber.

The screw will get into rotation thanks to the medium passing through the device, which will then be transferred by the-said screws from one end to the other end of the measuring device. For this to be done, the pressure drop is essential and seen as a “necessary evil”.

This rotation can then be recorded by a sensor which, combined with the Process Unit (a software and hardware), will be able to deliver a measurement according to the flow rate, viscosity and size of the measurement chamber.

Screw flow meter



This is based on the Swedish IMO bi-rotor design patented in 1934 as a water meter and then manufactured under licence in the USA by the Pittsburgh Meter Company in 1939.

A number of different manufacturers use this principle including the Brooks Bi-rotor. It is also the principle of screw compressors and progressive cavity pumps.