What is the Difference Between Sensor Bus and Fieldbus?

What Is The Difference Between A Sensor Bus And A Fieldbus? Can Control Instruments (transmitter Or Control Valve) Be Placed On A Sensor Bus?

  1. The term “sensor bus” is used for simpler buses, where the main function is simply the transfer of a single variable representing a measurement or output valve position. On/off (contact) I/O is well handled, also simple transducers.
  2. A full “fieldbus” is designed to allow the transfer of much more, and more complex, information, including data structures with more than just a single variable, and device management functions. Any device needing extensive configuration for a particular application is better served by a fieldbus.
  3. Transmitters and valves may fall into either category. A simple temperature transmitter or valve positioner can certainly be designed for a sensor bus. But the more complex functionality expected in a modern transmitter or valve (such as the inclusion of diagnostics, or control functions) really needs a full fieldbus.

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