What is the Flow rate though Orifice after Erosion?

A differential pressure detector is being used with an orifice plate to measure water flow rate through a pipe. When the flow detector was last calibrated, the following parameters were observed:

Upstream Pressure = 135 psig
Downstream Pressure = 120 psig

Actual Flow Rate = 100 gpm
Indicated Flow Rate = 100 gpm

Significant erosion of the orifice hole has occurred since the last calibration, such that actual flow rate through the orifice has increased to 120 gpm while the upstream and downstream pressures have changed to 124 psig and 109 psig respectively.

What is the currently indicated flow rate?

A. 44 gpm

B. 67 gpm

C. 100 gpm

D. 120 gpm

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