What is Thermal Reed Switch (TRS)?


Thermal Reed Switch (TRS) is also called Magnet sensitive temperature switch

Thermal Reed Switch (TRS) principle:

TRS is to make use of ferrite soft magnet temperature sensitive material and hard magnet material as well as dry reed pipe.

It is a new type temperature sensor made based on the principle that ferrite soft magnet material will lose magnet near curie temperature, make the flux passing through dry reed pipe change remarkably so as to make the dry reed pipe connect or close.

It has advantages of accurate action temperature, less temperature difference for action resumption, high speed, long service life and explosion resistance etc., thus it is widely used in temperature control and super-temperature protection of electric rice cooker, electric water heating, electric vacuum flask, electric shower, refrigerator, air conditioner and other products as well as cold starting, hot starting and water temperature control of automobile and overheat protection of power supply and machinery equipment.

The action temperature (-40℃~130℃)can be chosen freely and the action temperature accuracy is ±1℃, ±2℃ and ±2.5℃.