Which of the following safety rules are not true ___

Which of the following safety rules are not true?

A) Common sense is the main safety factor when using hand tools.

B) All of The answers

C) The best prevention of shock or electrocution available to everyone is safety first: You should treat all circuits as if they are live or energized circuits. Never assume someone else has turned off the power. Never assume someone else would not dare turn on the power (LOTO all disconnects).

D) On the job, working on live circuitry (especially on high-voltage circuitry) by yourself may be the last thing you ever do. The buddy system is the way to go ― never work on live circuitry alone.

E) None of The answers

F) You are advised not to grab an individual who is in contact with a live wire (being shocked). You place yourself in parallel with the victim by grabbing hold of an arm or a leg, or the person’s trunk.

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