Which of the following safety rules is not true ___

Which of the following safety rules is not true?

A) You should remove all jewellery when working with electricity because metals used in rings, watches, or necklaces are good conductors. Also, whether the jewellery is leather, metal, or plastic, moisture, which reduces your skin resistance
drastically, is normally trapped under rings and watchbands.

B) All of The answers

C) None of The answers

D) You should always wear safety glasses because the majority of your wiring-lab exercises or work on the job will involve either moving parts and machinery, or electrical devices that if wired incorrectly, may come apart or even explode.

E) You should not place both hands on an energized circuit at the same time. This action could provide an additional path for current flow through your body.

F) Because the electrical circuit or circuits you are working on are normally voltage-referenced to ground, you should always remain insulated from any grounded source (surface). If you are grounded, you will provide a path for current flow through yourself by touching any ungrounded (live) conductor in the electrical circuit at any point.

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