Why Calibration is important for sensors?

Why Calibration is important for sensors ?

  • To achieve the highest possible accuracy, a sensor should be calibrated according to the system where it will be used.
  • Even in manufacturing, same type of sensors yield slightly different readings from one another. Therefore, they need calibration to give same readings.
  • The sensor may give different output during storage, shipment,delivery and assembly.
  • Sensor is subject to heat, shock, cold and humidity and may give a different output which is not acceptable.
  • Sensor gets deviate with age which in turn does not give accurate reading. In order to get accurate measurement, the sensor should be re-calibrated time-to-time.
  • A timely calibrated temperature sensor will give accurate readings which give effective and correct measurements that are beneficial in long run and quality maintenance.

Excellent article, I would like to add, in the Metrology field,it is common practices for calibration that the standards used to calibrate the unit under test are more accurate than the devise being calibrated. Common practice is shoot for 10 times more accurate but acceptable minimum is at least four times more accurate to meet the 4:1 test accuracy ratio. In cases where 4:1 cant be met an uncertainty statement should be calculated/stated.