Why do pH electrodes have different tip shapes?

pH is a critical parameter for an incredible number of applications going from general water to food, soil, fruits & vegetables, blood, synthetic products and many others. For that, manufacturers have developed different pH sensors for all major applications. This ensures ease of use and longer life of the electrode in a specific application.

Different types of junctions, electrolytes and materials used in electrode construction are also part of the design. Below are typical tips and their intend :

Sphere tip: it is the most common tip found in the market as it is mainly used in laboratories on general liquids.

Cone tip: its shape allows easy penetration into semi solids, emulsion solutions, cheese and meat. Mainly used in the food industry.

Flat tip: its construction in intended for surface measurement such as fruits & vegetables skin, drops of samples, human skin, etc.

Knife tip: the knife probe allows for penetration into semi-frozen food, meat, hard to penetrate food products or others. Many other types of tips are available. The above are the most common…