Why is my valve leaking?

Is the valve actually leaking? In most cases, the leaking is caused by an outside source affecting the valve.

A few troubleshooting questions that may help address this issue are:

  • Is this a new installation or repair?

  • Is the valve installed vertically?

  • Is the installation piping (inlet and outlet) correct?

  • Has the system been recently changed or modified (including the valve manufacture and model)?

  • Is a proper operating gap being maintained?

  • Have pressure-measuring devices been calibrated recently?

  • Where is the pressure measurement being sampled in relationship with the valve and is there a correction required for pressure differences between the two areas?

  • Does the valve exhaust into a single exhaust or a common header?

  • Is the system seeing any vibration?

  • Was the valve opened in an over-pressure condition? If so, how many times?


My plant I faced that problems.
Main dil.line header taken 5bar pressure. That same line 4inch tapping arranged and mounted that auto valve,every 30min one time dil.line valve open and close.