Working Principle of Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors

  • Flame detectors are typically used in open areas outdoors, but can also be used indoors
  • Used to protect high risk areas such as oil rigs, fuel stores, petro-chemical plants, hangers etc
  • They work by analysing the energy emissions from a fire (UV or IR) not the combustion products such as smoke and heat
  • Hot objects (engines / exhausts / heaters) are potential false alarm sources, including the Sun
  • Need to distinguish between emissions from a real fire and a false alarm source
  • High value detectors covering large areas


The different types of Flame detector are:

  • Ultra Violet detectors
  • Single Channel IR detectors
  • Combined UV and Single channel IR
  • Dual Channel IR flame detectors
  • Triple Channel IR flame detectors
  • CCTV flame detection