Zero Suppression in Level Measurements of open vessels ( tanks)

A d/p transmitter is connected to the tank by a pressure tapping tube.

The liquid is tapped for the high pressure side, and the open air is tapped for the low pressure side.

The following relationship exists:

P=ρ1g ( H+h1)

P = the pressure
ρ1=density of the liquid
H=distance between the surface and the minimum liquid level
h1=distance between the minimum liquid level and the pressure detector.

Liquid-level measurement: Open tank:


A pressure transmitter connected at a position 10 cm below the bottom of a tank sends 13.57 mA to a computer. The transmitter was calibrated for a range of 0-200kPa to produce 4-20 mA. If the liquid has a specific gravity of 1.26, calculate the level of the liquid in the tank.

ρw=1000 kg/m2 g=9.81 m/s2

Reading 13.57 mA :(200 kPa *13.57mA/16mA)-50 kPa=119.62 kPa

h=P/ ρwgRD=119.62kPa/(1000 kg/m2 9.81 m/s21.26)=967.75cm

hactual =h-10 cm =957.75 cm