AC Motors Interview Questions

AC Motors Interview Questions

Q: What are the components of a Variable Frequency Drive?

A: A Variable Frequency Drive involves an AC motor, controller, and operator interface.

Q: Which motor is typically applied to a Variable Frequency Drive?

A: Three-Phase Induction Motor

Q: What are the main components of an AC Motor?

A: The stationary stator that is on the outside and has coils supplied with AC current, and the inside rotor that is attached to the output shaft.

Q: Why is it necessary for a capacitor to be connected to an AC Induction Motor?

A: Any ACP-M motor considered to be a single-phase induction motor is capacitor-run motors. Therefore, a rotational magnetic field must be generated in order to run it.

Capacitors create a power supply with the phase shift that is needed to create the required rotational magnetic field.

Three-phase motors on the other hand, always supply power with different phases, so they do not need capacitors.

Q: What is meant by a reversible motor that is rated for 30 minutes?

A: The motor is designed to optimally perform no more than 30 minutes. If ran continuously, the motor will burn out.