Advantages of Nuclear Level Measurement

Following are the major advantages associated with the use of nucleonic method of level measurement:

  1. Since nucleonic radiations are capable of penetrating through the vessel, no vessel penetration is required in nuclear level gauges. They can be easily installed outside the vessel or tank for measurement purpose. This enables us to carry out maintenance actions without causing any alterations or interruptions to the process or tank. For this reason, various applications like pressurized or exotic alloy vessels prefer to employ nucleonic transmitters than any other level transmitter.

  2. These devices are capable of withstanding intense levels of pressure and temperature. Besides, they prove helpful in level control of hazardous and corrosive materials contained in the process vessel.

  3. “Placing the source and / or detector in wells within the vessel can reduce source sizes. An extension of this is to use a moving source within the vessel; this facilitates the unique ability to combine density profiling with accurate tracking of a moving interface.”