Advantages of Thermal Mass Flow Meter

  • Thermal mass flow meters are pure solid-state flow meters as opposed to legacy mechanical counterparts such as orifice, rotameter, turbine meters, etc. So, there’s less point of failure due to wear and damage.

  • With the insertion sensor, the price of the meter won’t increase for the increased sizes of the pipes.

  • Also with the insertion sensor, you don’t have to stop the line for the installation of the sensors. (Of course, you have to stop the line to weld the ball valves. But this can be carefully planned for regular maintenance in advance.)

  • The mass flow is measured directly. You don’t need pressure or temperature inputs as is the case with orifice types or turbine types.)

  • Because the meter is on the electronics basis by definition, it offers versatile output options such as pulse, 4-20mA, alarm, RS-485, etc.