Advantages of Waste Heat Recovery

Benefits of ‘waste heat recovery’ can be broadly classified in two categories:

Direct Benefits:

Recovery of waste heat has a direct effect on the efficiency of the process. This is reflected by reduction in the utility consumption & costs, and process cost.

Indirect Benefits:

a) Reduction in pollution: A number of toxic combustible wastes such as carbon monoxide gas, sour gas, carbon black off gases, oil sludge and other plastic chemicals etc, releasing to atmosphere when burnt in the incinerators serves dual purpose i.e. recovers heat and reduces the environmental pollution levels.

b) Reduction in equipment sizes: Waste heat recovery reduces the fuel consumption, which leads to reduction in the flue gas produced. This results in reduction in equipment sizes of all flue gas handling equipment’s such as fans, stacks, ducts, burners, etc.

c) Reduction in auxiliary energy consumption: Reduction in equipment sizes gives additional benefits in the form of reduction in auxiliary energy consumption like electricity for fans, pumps etc.

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