Application of Ultrasonic and Microwave Level Sensors

For Ultrasonic Devices the tanks can be made of any material (Metal, plastic, concrete,…)

For Microwave use metal tanks only

Devices are mounted at the top of a tank with Standard Threading or in some cases custom mounting.

Devices have to be directed straight down to a discharge hole, even if a material is not flat (sloped). This is typical for pellets/powder applications; the devices will still receive an echo

When installed properly the devices transmit microwave/ ultrasonic waves down to a material (liquids or solids)

During installation make sure that you do not have any large objects in front of transducer or antenna

Reflected pulses from materials are received and processed to obtain correct distances

Due to very narrow and uniform polar patterns (directivity) and signal processing of ultrasonic/ microwave devices, small unwanted echoes from tanks walls, ladders, filling pipes, ext. can be ignored or cancelled.


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