Bar-Stock thermowell

Bar-Stock thermowell

Such thermowell bodies are machined and drilled from solid bar stock. This results in a non-welded water tight unit. In this Immersion tip is also made by same material along with stem. In such type of thermowell, no welding process is required for stem and tip production.

Flange can be weld according to requirement. Bar-Stock thermowell is also known as “Solid drilled thermowell”.

Single piece Thermowells are manufactured from a complete element or bar stock. One-piece Thermowells are suited to the highest process loads, depending on their design.

Thus internationally or in the petrochemical industry, one-piece thermocouples are now used almost exclusively.

Connection to the pipe or vessel may be done by means of thread, flange or weld. Standard threads are NPT, BSP §, BSP (Tr), API & metric tread. The thread size is dependent on the application, but 3/4” and 1” are common.

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