Boiler operation & management

Measuring operational efficiency increases overall boiler lifespan

Steam remains one of the most important power sources for industrial process heating.


However, as energy costs soar, plant operations require effective ways to reduce the energy consumed while ensuring high availability and efficiency.

Costly downtimes and maintenance can be minimized by accurate and reliable measuring and monitoring solutions.

Producing considerable savings along the entire steam process, our advanced utility management solutions help to reduce both CAPEX and OPEX.


Feedwater preparation

Feedwater preparation

The quality and supply of feedwater is essential for the functional safety, efficiency and longevity of the boiler itself. Costly blowdowns, overfills or boiler corrosions can be avoided by maintaining optimal production, steam supply and distribution.

Our solutions help to maximize the feedwater quality, which has a direct impact on the overall boiler lifespan and the amount of required water preparation consumables.

Fuel combustion and exhaust

Fuel combustion & exhaust

If the boiler is burning fuel sub optimally or heat is lost in the system, the result is excessive waste and potential violations of emission standards.

Thus, boiler efficiency remains a high priority. At Endress+Hauser, we provide you with right-tech solutions for safe, efficient and accessible measuring of fuel combustion and exhaust management.

Our monitoring solutions meet regulatory emission standards and comply with ASME Performance Test Codes (PTC 4-1998) for fuel fired steam generators.

Steam generation

Steam generation

Steam supplied inefficiently or not at the desired temperature jeopardizes a correct plant operation.

Appropriate boiler controls and a continuous flow measurement are therefore indispensable. Our full range of flow metering and monitoring solutions ensure superior overall efficiency.

Source : Endress-Hauser