Bubbler type level sensor tube getting blocked


Is there a simple solution to blockage of bubbler type tubes. Blockage is hapenning at least once a week and manual purging is done to clear the blockage.

Any ideas from experience please.

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If possible, visually inspect the stainless steel cable on the bubbler probe assembly for any signs of damage. Verify that the probe is secured to the wet well.

Typically, the periodic purging cycle will keep the bubbler tube free of material and functioning properly. If material in the wet well causes a tube blockage, then the controller will detect a reduction in air flow and will execute a purging sequence automatically.

If the unit cannot clear the blockage, then the system will try to continue purging the bubbler tube.

If an obstruction is suspected, then disconnect the bubbler tube from the unit to see if the purging sequence is completed and the unit returns to normal operation (unit should measure zero level). If it does, most likely there is a blockage inside the bubbler tube.

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Hi vinesh,

There is no automatic purging in our installation. It is an old installation , around 20 yrs.