Cable installation

Access for maintenance and an orderly layout shall be ensured when cabling below raised floor is

Once a cable has been cut, a protective cap/sealing shall be applied on the end, when being exposed
to humid atmosphere.

All cable entries to equipment located outdoors and in wash down areas should be from below. Top
entry is not allowed and side entry shall be provided with drip nose.

Sufficient cable spare length shall be provided for equipment which needs future adjustments
(floodlights, loudspeakers, etc.) or where equipment have to be dismounted for maintenance and
calibration without disconnecting the cable.

Single core cables for three-phase AC shall run in trefoil formation. The braided armour shall be
earthed in one end. For equipment installed in hazardous areas, the braid shall be earthed at the
hazardous end. When using single core cables, additional cables for earthing have to be installed.

Single core cables shall not be installed separately through openings surrounded by magnetic
materials. Non-magnetic stainless steel separation walls and stay plates shall be used in multi cable
transits utilised for single core cables.