Cable Segregation

The Cable Network shall be separated into:

System 1 High voltage systems (above 1000V)

System 2 Low voltage power supply and control cables for electrical systems (1000V and below)

System 3 Instrumentation and Telecommunication systems

Instrumentation and telecommunication cables may be routed on system 2 cable support systems
when minimum 300mm distance between the individual systems are kept.

System 2 and system 3 cables can be installed on same field tray from branch to single equipment
when this is not in conflict with the type of signals in the cable.

Crossing at right angels is acceptable without further segregation.

Considerations must be taken during installations of cables entering and leaving field type of
equipment like smaler pacages, minor modules, crane pedestals etc. related to segregations as listed

Non IS and IS instrument cables should be routed on the same cable ladders/trays. If routed on same
ladder/tray, the IS and Non-IS cables, which contain both armour and screen can be tied together in
same bundle.