Condenser Vacuum low reasons


Vacuum low reasons:

  1. Check condenser surface area, make sure it is clean (you can do inspection for one room while the other still in service and you need to reduce load) this is if possible with your business operations

  2. Check for leakage around flanges, gaskets, valves etc, near ejector and condenser

  3. Check MP steam pressure which drives the ejector (is it according to the required pressure)??

  4. Check ejector drain and steam trap which send the condensate back to condenser (plug-up or not)??

  5. Check if someone has opened chest valve / valve after governor drain, maybe drain valve is open instead of steam trap, because condensate which goes back to condenser should pass steam trap, not through drain.

  6. Check your vacuum breaker is not in service

  7. Check level of condenser, it should be good, and check temperature of cooling water for condenser, it should be low enough to condenser steam.