DP wet leg (Glycol filled) under range Alarm

I have a doubt related to dp wet leg transmitter in compressor suction KO drum.

As per data sheet range has been calculated and configured. But it always going below zero and getting under range alarm.

How can avoid these alarm or any different method for wet leg calculation for pressurised vessel like KO DRUM as it’s always empty.

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Measure the HP and LP legs lengths using manual tape and calculate the transmitter range accordingly.

Sometimes datasheet and physical installation may be slightly different.

The range has been configured after measuring the physical distance only.

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You can lock the PV range in the DCS system. Then it will consider only LRV to URV range.

Check the settings in the PID/PV block of DCS.

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Thank you.
For ESD tags is there any setting to avoid these alarm.

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Check if any settings available in the field transmitters using the field communicator.

We do not do settings modifications in ESD system.

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