Duties of Instrumentation Engineer in Power Plant

  • Turbine control system testing, tweaking and commissioning
  • Plant DCS system (Boiler and BOP) testing, tweaking and commissioning
  • Plant SCADA system (electrical switchgear control) testing and commissioning
    All the above work involves more or less the same type of work
  • Testing (occasional calibration and replacement) of Plant field instrumentation
  • Testing and commissioning of plant control valves (loop checking and ensuring proper feedback)
  • Testing commissioning of plant solenoid valves (proper operation and feedback
  • Testing and commissioning of plant MOV (with electrical engineer, this by far in my opinion is the most back breaking work and in the quest of complete automation there are literally 50-100 MOV’s in each co generation plant, i don’t know MOV’s and me do not go well )
  • Testing and commissioning of plant servo’s (a very subtle art :slight_smile: )
  • Testing and calibration of plant measurement circuits, pressure, temperature, flow, speed, position and vibration probes. They also take a lot of time mainly because they form a major quantity of the plant instrumentation.
  • Testing and commissioning of plant analyzers, In boilers, it will be PH, silica, conductivity, phosphate, SOx, NOx, CO, unburnt fuel and oxygen analysers. This work as far as i have seen is exclusively done by the vendors. all you have to do is to verify the operation and sign :).
  • Testing and tweaking of graphics, minor modifications in consultation with plant operating personnel.
  • testing and tweaking of control constants and minor (to sometimes major) logic modifications in application code to the controllers.
  • hanging around a lot of time in marshaling units, RTU’s, in the field and in front of the controller, thinking, scratching your head and desperately wising to god that atleast this should work.
  • Testing and commissioning of other plant systems, which do not form the part of the typical turbine and DCS control. They include
  • Turbine and generator CO2 release system
  • Plant and Trubine heat sensors and fire detectors panel
  • MCP (manual call points) system and associated auxiliaries
  • Plant communication system (another exclusive vendor area)