Fault finding of a hart protocol loop

Hi guys,

I need help! I’m trying to fault find a loop that has HART protocol. The current situation is I have an interface level using radar to measure both products. This single instrument is set up for hart and is hooked up to an HIM.

Previous both these levels had been reading a difference. For some reason, they now read the same PV. There is an A and B tag on TDC. Both are tracking each other.

How do I fault find this loop? As the tri cock doesn’t tie up with this instrument but it was in the past. Thanks

Check the HART transmitter configuration.

Transmitter must be configured these level parameters in the respective address or tags.

If you have a system with HART supported software for editing/reading the transmitter data via HART, then use the same system for verification.

Otherwise check with HART communicator.

If you replace the transmitter or if you do factory reset then you have to verify/config. the transmitter settings again.