Feed Water System Startup Permit in Coal Fired Power Plant

Feed Water System Startup Permit in Coal Fired Power Plant…

  1. Receive the startup command from shift leader
  2. The erection and maintenance for M-BFP have finished and commissioned well. The anchor bolts are reliable and there are no impurities in the surrounding places of equipment. The work permit has been returned and signed off and the safety measures have been removed.
  3. Contact with I&C and electrical personnel to confirm the protection for M-BFP has been put into operation
  4. Inspect M-BFP booster pump mechanical seal cooling water inlet and outlet manual valves have been open, and the cooling water quantity are sufficient.
  5. Inspect M-BFP motor cooling water inlet and outlet manual valves have been open.
  6. Inspect all water discharge valves in booster pump and inlet screen are closed.
  7. Inspect manual valves in M-BFP mechanical seal cooling water system, cooling chamber and oil cooler have been open. Discharge the air inside to make sure the flow is sufficient.
  8. Inspect oil supply system and whether the oil level of hydraulic coupler is normal. Start up auxiliary oil pump and check the oil pressure in oil intake components is normal and if there is any leakage. Inspect whether the DP in hydraulic coupler switchable duplex strainer is proper.
  9. Inspect whether the water level in deaerator is normal, and supply water to the feedwater system. Open M-BFP inlet motor valve. Inspect the DP in front of and behind booster pump inlet strainer is normal.
  10. Inspect whether #3, #2, #1 HP heater inlet motor valves are open. Close all bypass valves and all manual drain valves and manual water discharging valves.
  11. Adjust the oil in M-BFP hydraulic coupler scoop tube is less than15%.
  12. Inspect and close the M-BFP outlet motor valves. Check the manual valves in front of and behind a recirculation valves have been open and the openness of recirculation valves are more than 90%.
  13. The temperature differences between upper pump shell and lower shell should be less than 20 degree.
  14. Start M-BFP, and inspect the current of the motor is________ A. The vibration and sound of pump should be normal. The outlet pressure, oil temperature and bearing temperature should be normal.
  15. When M-BFP starts, there will be a 30 seconds delay normally. When the pressure of lubrication oil is normal, the auxiliary oil pump will stop automatically, otherwise, shut down manually.
  16. Adjust the oil flow in oil cooler based on lubrication and working oil temperature to make sure oil temperature is normal.
  17. Open the vent valves in #3 and #1 HP heater outlet feedwater pipes. Switch the control mode of M-BFP outlet motor valve into local. Manually and slightly open outlet motor valve to inject water to feedwater system. Manually close outlet valve when there is water overflowing from #3 and #1 HP heater outlet feedwater pipes. Then, switch the control mode of M-BFP outlet motor valve into remote. Open M-BFP outlet motor valve.
  18. Open boiler feedwater bypass governing valve to feed water to boiler based on the requirement of boiler part. Adjust the openness of scoop tube to meet the requirement of feedwater system.
  19. When M-BFP inlet water flow is more than 130T/H, put recirculation governing valve into automatic. At this time, recirculation valve should close automatically.
  20. Take an overall check to feedwater system and report to the chief operator.
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