Fieldbus Query

Dear experts, i need support from expert…will you use fieldbus to use a special application or is it enough with rslogix5000 …?


Are you asking about configuration of Fieldbus devices? Or general Fieldbus applications?


RSlogix5000 is an AB PLC software and it is commonly use in a sub system in which 4ma to 20ma or analog signal is the standard communication protocol.

Reading between the line, I think you might want to ask if RSlogix5000 is capable of handling FF devices like transmitter, control valve etc. without needing additional/ special application or software? @Jufri_Habie


The term fieldbus refers to an all-digital, two-way communication system that connects control systems to instrumentation.

The Fieldbus Foundation organization developed the FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol to create a fieldbus network based on the principles of the ISA and IEC standards (ISA S50.0 and IEC61158).

Today, this protocol is widely accepted as the standard for pure digital communication with ‘smart’ (microprocessor-based) field devices. Devices connected by a FOUNDATION Fieldbus network are used for sophisticated, highly-distributed process control.

FOUNDATION Fieldbus technology has been integrated into the PlantPAx Process Automation System based on Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture through Fieldbus Foundation linking devices (catalog numbers 1757-FFLD and 1757-FFLDC).

You need RSFieldbus Software

To set up communication between a controller and a linking device, you need a bridge module and Logix5000 Logix Blocks. Logix Blocks, which transfer signals between a ControlLogix environment and a fieldbus environment, have to be configured by using RSFieldbus software and RSLogix 5000 software.

RSLogix 5000 software sees the linking device as a remote chassis with a virtual backplane with up to 16 available slots. When a Logix Block is added, the linking device is recognized by RSLogix 5000 software as an analog module. Each configured Logix Block module takes one slot and is assigned a unique slot number in the chassis.

A communication module, such as catalog number 1756-ENBT, establishes the EtherNet/IP address to allow the 1757-FFLD linking device to communicate with the ControlLogix controller.


FOUNDATION Fieldbus Configuration.pdf (3.8 MB)