Fire Tube Boiler Types

Fire Tube Boiler Types

Fire tube boiler is one of boiler type in which hot air from combustion heats one or more pipes that contain water in the boiler. Fire tube boiler is one of two main types of existing boilers. Whereas the other type of boiler is water tube boiler. Fire tube boiler can be classified based on configuration such as horizontal fire tube boiler and vertical fire tube boiler. Boiler type is also often referred to as smoke tube boiler or boiler shell.

The types of fire tube boilers can be seen as following below:

• Cornish Boiler, boiler with single combustion flue container.

Figure 1: Cornish Boiler

• Lancashire Boiler, Boiler with double combustion flue container.

Figure 2: Lancashire Boiler

• Locomotive Boiler, boiler that has a lot of fire tubes.

Figure 3: Locomotive Boiler

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