Flow Rate

What calculations / calculator can I use for determining the flow rates in instrument tubing ?


We can determine it practically by following steps:

It need one beaker and stopwatch. Allow the flow from tube and fill the beaker for 1 second.

So we will get liter/second flow rate or you can measure it for 1 minute for liter/minute flow rate.

Author - Pravin Rangole

Thanks Pravin for your reply.

From a practical point that is a good procedure, however from a theoretical point of view when doing a design for a system a software calculation is what is required and which is really what I was after.




I hope you found a solution to your calculation. If not, please feel free to reach me at [email protected] and I would be glad to help. Typically, a flow meter is best to calculate an accurate value and supply that value as an input to the system’s software. Otherwise, a less accurate calculation can be made with a few assumptions based on system inputs (pressure, tube diameter, fluid density,etc.)