Instrumentation Technician MCQ

Which one of the following is the correct instrument required to measure a low magnitude high frequency current?

a. induction

b. thermocouple

c. moving iron

d. dynamometer

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Ans. B

All valves cause some degree of flow loss due to friction even in the full-open position. Which type of valve causes the greatest reduction in flow even when the valve is open?

a. gate
b. globe
c. plug valve
d. swing check valve

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Ans. B

Which procedure will correct the occasional discharge from a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer when the water pressure fluctuates?

a. Install a swing check valve downstream of the RP.

b. Install a swing check valve upstream of the RP.

c. Put in a stronger check valve spring upstream of the RP.

d. Restrict the water flow to the RP by using a globe valve.

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Ans. B

What will need to be done on a level control system using a capacitance probe as the sensor, if the process liquid medium changes?

a. should be no effect on the control loop performance.

b. transmitter will need to be recalibrated.

c. Adaptive control action will need to be added to the controller.

d. probe’s grounding system will need to be relocated.

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Ans. B

Which of the following is correct when the wave applied to X plates for obtaining trace of voltage wave?

a. rectangular wave

b. saw tooth wave

c. sinusoidal wave

d. none of the above

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Ans. B

What is the expected output if the input pressure is 235 PSIG when a pressure transmitter has a calibrated measurement range of 200 to 300 PSIG, and an output range of 4-20 mA?

a. 9.6 mA

b. 3.8 mA

c. 17.5 mA

d. 6.4 mA

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Ans. A

When filling a pipeline for hydrostatic testing, how should the vent and drain valves be positioned?

a. Vents open and drains are open.
b. Vents closed and drains open.
c. Vents closed and drains closed.
d. Vents open and drains closed.

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Ans. D