InTools Tutorial - Administrator Responsibility

The job description of Intools (smartplant) administrator may vary among each company. Some company assign the intools administrator to the system engineer while some others assign it to instrument engineer. In applying a vacancy for intools administrator, one should make sure the details and limit of the responsibility.

The complete skills for Intools administrator shall encompass the following subject:

  • Understanding of database (oracle, MySQL) installation and connecting the database to Intools also maintaining the database such as regular back-up, exporting/importing huge number of data, merging two database, etc.

  • Understanding of project and its structure to create database in proper manner in accordance with project requirement.

  • Understanding of instrument subject to neatly manage data of instrument type, numbering, assignment (such as specification form).

The first point is usually expertised by system engineer while the late two proficiencies are possessed by instrument engineer. It is recommended to conversant all of the above skills, however both system engineer and instrument engineer are broad subjects.

So to make it works either having all the above skill or assign one system engineer and one instrument engineer with their own expertise combined with clear battery limit of responsibility.

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