Model Interview Questions for Instrumentation Engineers

Prepare yourself to get your job

1.) How much salary you’re Expecting?

Answer : I would expect a salary which reflects the experience and qualifications that I bring to the role.

Alternate Answer : Based on the information I have about the position, a salary in the range 25,000 - 75,000 would reflect the experience and expertise that I would bring to the role.

2)Why did you take Instrumentation as your branch in Engineering?

Answer:After having passed my class 12th examination,I actually didn’t have any idea about what was involved in Instrumentation.But I wanted to built my career around something from where we could control and monitor a whole industry.

3.) What kind of person would you refuse to work with?

Well, I am a person, who can work with all kinds of people. However, I feel bit uncomfortable to work with persons of selfish and ingratitude in nature.

4.) What have you done to improve your knowledge in the last year?

Every should learn from his mistake. I always try to consult my mistakes with my kith and kin especially with elderly and experienced person.

5.) What is more important to you: the money or the work?

Money and work both are like siblings. But I believe when you work hard; money will flow to you. So work is more important than money. Only hard work can help you put another feather in your success cap.

6.) Why do you want to join in industry?

industry is a place where the graduates have the opportunity to apply their skills n knowledge which they learn from their respective institutions. so feel industry is a best way for a person to applying their practical knowledge.

7.) Are you a team player?

while answering this question, try to keep yourself on both sides. For example, if the interviewer asks if you prefer to work alone or on a team, he may be trying to get you to say you are one way or the other. But you don’t have to play this game. The reality is that most jobs require us to work both independently and in teams.

Your response to this question should show that you have been successful in both situations or (In case you don’t find yourself comfy with team work say this) - I believe in individual work recognition [this would not put your weakness in front of others that strongly, Remember people who take interviews are super masters, do not fool them]

8)What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength includes my analytical approach, my strong logics and my patience