Oil Fired Boiler

il fired boiler is a boiler which uses oil as its fuel to perform combustion process. Oil fired boiler consist of several important parts such as burner nozzles, air compressor, atomizing air system, oil piping, oil metering valve system, flame ignition and the others.

As in gas fired boiler, when NOx (nitrogen oxide) control is aspect of firing system, generally there could be small NOx burner controls or staged firing. Appropriate maintenance and procedure based on suggestions of boiler maker is important to an effective and risk-free firing process.

The following below are several particular things that is related to oil fired boiler which must get special consideration:

  • Monitor pressure control valves and oil pumps so these equipment can distribute oil to burner nozzles on the proper pressures. Perform pressure check every day.
  • Circulation of oil must run readily. Any decrease in temperature of oil or outside should be inspected to make sure circulation of oil is running well.
  • Flame variation of oil fired boiler must be supervised and proper temperature of oil must be maintained. Variations in temperature of oil are commonly effect of malfunctioning temperature control or unclean heater devices. Check with heater and pump suppliers for proper advice.
  • Clear burner nozzles are important in order to get an effective flame. Accumulation of soot will certainly occurs in oil fired boiler. Any damage in flame qualities is indicator that nozzles must be flushed.
  • Similar with gas fired boiler, oil fired boiler which has more than one burner must has proper pattern to use these burners to get optimum efficiency in which load conditions do not need the application of all burners continually.

Oil firing needs atomizing system that is commonly steam or air. Variations in atomizing pressure can easily result in sooting, that can sooner or later cause reduction of boiler efficiency. The reason behind that pressure loss may generally be caused by unclean oil nozzle or problem in air compressor or regulator.

Variations in pressure instantly influence the capability of oil to appropriately burn and atomize totally. The effects consist of accumulation of oil and soot in boiler furnace, fuel-rich firing factors can make high cost in operating boiler and decrease boiler efficiency.

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