Oxygen Scavenger

Nearly all of oxygen in feedwater of steam boiler is eliminated through deaerator nevertheless some amounts of oxygen is continue to current that may, eventually lead to corrosion in steam boiler. To avoid that, oxygen scavenger is included to boiler water, ideally in deaerator storage space tank thus the scavenger can get optimum time period to start up by using residual oxygen. Within specific conditions, for example when feedwater of boiler is employed for attemperation to decrease steam temperature, different places are more suitable.

The best generally applied oxygen scavenger can be sodium sulfite. It is low-cost, more efficient and quickly reacts by using the trace quantities of oxygen. It might be simply calculated in boiler water.

Generally oxygen scavenger is good solution to eliminate oxygen. There are situations in higher pressure boilers (commonly preceding 900 psig), in which several of sulfite might decompose and get into steam, leading to problems in condensing steam turbines and condensate systems. In this instance, replacement (generally organic-dependent) oxygen scavengers could be utilized.

Innovative oxygen scavengers had been presented nowadays. The determination to utilize oxygen scavengers or depend on sodium sulfite must solely be designed by these experienced to generate water treatment of boiler conclusions. In all conditions the modern product must be properly included and its performance considered relating with working procedures.

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