Pressure Transmitter Calibration using HART Communicator


Pressure Transmitter range (0 to 300 psig ) “must be Hart enabled”

Pressure source, range (0 to 350 or more than)

Hart communicator

24vdc power supply

Calibration Procedure

  1. Connect the Hart communicator with the transmitter

  2. Connect its terminals across the 250 Ohms resistor connected in series of power supply to the transmitter

  3. When Hart communicator detects your device then go into its setup

  4. Adjust the range through the option lower/upper range value

  5. Set lower range value to zero (0) and upper range value to 300 psig

  6. Set the zero by zero trim option (given pressure must be zero)

  7. Apply 300 psig pressure to the transmitter and set it the 100% range value of transmitter by span trim option

  8. After this setting check the 0 and 100% out put by connecting also multi meter in the series of the power supply

  9. At 0 psig pressure multi meter must read 4ma

  10. Apply the 300 psig where multi meter must read 20ma

  11. Repeat this practice two or three times your transmitter will be calibrated when it matches its output reading match to the input