SCADA Hardware & Software

SCADA Hardware system:

Master station is a part of the WAN or LAN network. The hardware for the master station includes high end and more reliable PC (workstation), its peripherals and its communication ports. Reliability of the hardware in master station is important else entire SCADA system will tamper. Redundant workstations are provided to improve the reliability of the system.

SCADA software System:

SCADA software systems consists of

1.The operating system software:

program on which SCADA software programs runs

2.SCADA system software:

SCADA system software includes 4 modules

Data acquisition: Refers to receiving and analyzing and processing the data from the field.

Control: Controlling the remote units (RTUs) by commands initiated either by operator or automatic according to predefined parameters.

Data Storage: Storing the historical data obtained from the field.

Human machine Interface: Includes input and output devices for interaction between the operator and software, the way the data is displayed in graphs and the commands given to the system

3.SCADA application software:

SCADA application software is optional software to enhance the performance of the SCADA main software
eg: software tools for analyzing the system disturbance recordings