Simple Vertical Boiler

Simple vertical boiler is a boiler which is constructed vertically and produces steam at low pressure and in small quantities. Therefore simple vertical boiler is used in low power generation or in places where space is limited. Construction of this boiler type is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Simple Vertical Boiler

Simple vertical boiler consists of wall cylinder which surrounding the cylindrical fire box. Cylindrical fire box is tapped on it where steam flow to the surface. At the bottom of fire box there is grate. The fire box is equipped with two or more slope transverse pipe F, F. The slope aims to raise heating surface in addition also to improve water circulation.

Hand hole is made cleaning deposit purpose. A man hole is created above to so people can enter the boiler for cleaning. A ash hole is made on the bottom of boiler for disposal of ash buildup. The space between boiler wall and fire box is filled with water to be heated.

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