What are Multiphase Flow Meters?

Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM) are devices used to measure the individual oil, water and gas flow rates in a multiphase flow. The term MPFM is used to define also the metering of wet gas streams (i.e. multiphase flow where the gas content is very high).

Why MPFMs? (Can MPFMs work as an alternative to traditional test separators?)

An MPFM is able to provide the same kind of information concerning produced streams of a test separator in a very small footprint: typical MPFM dimensions are in order of one meter, much more compact than conventional separating equipment.

This is of particular importance for offshore production, where space is the most critical aspect: the adoption of a MPFM minimizes platform space and load requirements for well-testing operation, allowing also the removal of dedicated test lines.

As a further plus, MPFMs provide a real-time measurement of the different phases while test separators are able to provide only values averaged over long processing times (in the order of the hour). This fast response time allows operative costs to be significantly reduced.

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A multiphase flow meter is a device used to measure the individual phase flow rates of constituent phases in a given flow (for example in oil and gas industry) where oil, water and gas mixtures are initially co-mingled together during the oil production processes