What different types of Thermocouple are available?


We manufacture a wide range of thermocouple sensors for industrial temperature measurment in type K, T, J, N, R, S & B in accordance with IEC584 using only Class 1 materials. A Thermocouple can be as simple as a bare wire sensor right up to a pure Platinum ceramic sheathed type R assembly for high temperature applications. Whatever your needs, Sterling Sensors will be able to provide a thermocouple for your application.

Wire Thermocouples

Wire Thermocouples are fairly simple sensors, they offer a very fast response time at a low cost but are generally not suitable for use in industrial applications due to the majority of wire sensors being ‘exposed’. Wire thermocouples are ideal for temperature measurement applications such as test and measurement, temperature mapping and OEM applications. If you are looking for a low cost basic sensor for general purposes, wire thermocouples are a good place to start.

Fabricated Thermocouples

This range of probes has a protective fabricated sheath for more industrial applications, including furnaces, heat treatment, machinery and water treatment amongst others. They are available with your choice of junction: grounded, insulated or exposed (Dependant on requirements), with a wide range of terminations, such as lead wires, transmitters, plugs or industrial head assemblies to suit a wide variety of applications

Surface Thermocouples

A selection of surface thermocouples for permanent or temporary temperature measurement available for use on many applications including Research and Development, HVAC, Plumbing, Air conditioning and Temperature Mapping. Surface Thermocouples are very popular as they can be used on many types of surfaces including uneven and circular surfaces, they are also very simple to use and are generally very easy to replace and position.

General Thermocouples

Although many of our sensors have more than one use, this range of sensors is our most diverse. They include bayonet thermocouples for the plastics industry, load probes for Pharmaceutical and Autoclave applications. And various thermocouples, such as washer, leaf and bolt probes for general purpose temperature measurement.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples

Our standard range of Mineral Insulated Thermocouples are shown below, however if you need something specifically to suit your requirements contact us as we also manufacture to order. Mineral Insulated thermocouples are robust, flexible, can be made in long lengths and with a broad range of diameters.

Hand Held Thermocouples

Sterling Sensors manufacture a wide range of handheld thermocouple sensors for use with digital handheld thermometers for surface, air or insertion temperature measurement in various applications such as food, catering, beverage, cold storage facilities or enviornmental in calibration type K, J & T. We also manufacture handheld Pt100 RTDs with custom made products available on request.

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