What is class A, Class B, Class AB, Class C amplifiers?

Class A amplifier: In class-A amplifiers the collector is biased at a value greater than the amplitude of AC signal current. Hence the conduction angle is 360 Degrees i.e. the Class A stage conducts for the entire cycle for the input signal.

Class B amplifier: Class B amplifiers are biased at zero DC bias collector current. Hence it conducts only for half of the input signal cycle, so the conduction angle for class B amplifier is 180 Degrees.

Class AB amplifier: In class AB amplifiers the biasing current is non zero but much smaller than the peak current of the sine wave signal. As a result the transistor conducts for interval slightly greater than half a cycle. The conduction angle is slightly greater than 180 Degrees.

Class C amplifier: In class C amplifier the transistor conducts for an interval less than the half cycle. Hence the conduction angle is less than 180 Degrees.