What is density correction used for?

For measuring the filling level of liquids with a density that is other than 1.0 kg/dm³ (i.e. not the same as water).
For instance: 0.85 kg/dm³ (benzine) can be selected in two different ways:

  • by adjusting the span
  • by adjusting the density correction

The final result is the same in both cases.

The second method, using the density adjustment parameter, is easier for the user if the density changes from time to time, as it can then be manually corrected by using the keys on the instrument.


Mike ,
I think this only when you need to measure mass flow rate ? otherwise if you are measuring volumetric flow rate it doesn’t matter this correction , please correct me if I am wrong

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It depends on process requirement. sometimes we apply compensation for volumetric flow rates also.

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