What is Instrument Index ? | Instrumentation Project Documents

First and foremost things to be prepared on any Control and Instrumentation job is to prepare Index of all the instrument needed for the for the job.

Instrument Index

As any other index for book or website it gives a tabulated summarized view for all the instruments their type and basic information related to those information which further detailed in their respective spec sheets.

Basic Instrument Index must contain the following things

  • Tag Number:- Unique (Key in most of the Instrument database)

  • Service:- Briefly describes process for which Instrument is used.

  • Instrument Type:- Tells about the basic type instrument.

  • Loop Name:- Loop name or number to which instruments belong to.

  • I/O Type:- Signal Input /Output type i.e Analogue Input,Digital Output , Fieldbus etc

  • Equipment System:- The Automation system to which the instrument belongs to. e.g DCS,MCMS etc

  • Location:- Contains information regarding where the tag/instrument is in the plant. eg Field, DCS PIB Building etc

  • Datasheet Number:- The form/document number in which the specifications of the instrument/Tag can be found.

  • P&ID Drawing:- The piping and instrumentation drawing on which the instrument/tag is represented.

  • Line number:- The Pipeline on/in which the instrument/tag is installed or associated to.

  • Equipment Number:- The Equipment number on/to which the instrument/tag is associated with.

  • Status:- The field which describes whether Tag/instrument is NE,EXISTING,HOLD or DELETED basically the status of the Tag/instrument.

  • HookUp/Installation Drawing:- The field basically contains reference to drawing/document number which give details of installation.

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