What is PlantPAX?

The PAC term, As originally defined by ARC Advisory Group in 2002, described a kind of controller that would eventually replace PLCs. ARC defined various features for PACs, with multi-domain functionality i.e. Ability to handle logic, motion and process control, Historian, Asset center etc. on a single platform.


After that PLC vendors declaring that PACs are not only displacing PLCs in a multiple applications, but PACs are also competing with DCS. And, displacing DCSs in some ‘hybrid’ applications. DCS and PLC vendors now find themselves bidding on the same jobs, and PAC solutions are winning deals that would previously have gone to DCS Vendor.

PlantPAx is the process automation system from Rockwell Automation with all the core capabilities expected in a world-class distributed control system (DCS).

PlantPAx is the only process automation system capable of managing the entire range of automation applications, including motion, safety and drive systems.

The main Components of the PlantPAx process automation system are:-

· Operator Workstation (OWS): Consists software needed for visualizing and controlling the process.

· Process Automation System Server (PASS): Provides central name resolution and look-up services across multiple computers for central administration of data throughout the PlantPAx process automation system. The PASS also provides data, HMI and alarm server capability.

· Scalable Controller Portfolio: - Single/redundant etc.

· Comprehensive Connectivity with all Rockwell product

· Device Connectivity

o EtherNet/IP

o DeviceNet

o ControlNet


o ControlLogix I/O HART modules

o FLEX I/O HART modules

o FLEX Ex I/O HART modules


o PROFIBUS PA networks

o MODBUS RTU/TCP IP networks etc.

· Alarm and Event Management

· Decision Support Tools

· Safety & Critical Control

· Batch Management & Control

· Advanced Process Control

· Supervisory Control Solutions

Credits - Amit Upadhyay

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